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Art Sold! Thank You | April 2020

Even with COVID-19 affecting people worldwide, it is comforting to see people are hopeful of the future, with sales of invitations and business cards.

Alternative Designs Cloth Face Mask

Face masks – who would have predicted, 2020 would be the year that face mask becomes an essential wear when we go out of the house? 

Sun Earth Moon Mama

Earthy Taurus sun time with earthy tones and elements. Sunrise to sunset – leaves filled crescent moon – warm modern vintage.

Worldwide Delivery

The companies that produces my art and designs looks after the shipping to you. All of them will deliver to addresses around the world*

How iShop Works

When I started designing online products back in 2005, there was only few (under five) places that was doing print-on-demand.  Today, there are heaps, . . . .

100% Guarantee

All the places that I deal with offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their products. If you don’t like it, for any reason, you can send it back.