August sales was a mix of business cards, home decor and face masks. Wall clocks and cushion items were popular at Zazzle, whist the face masks was once again a popular buy at Cafepress.  

Sold in August 2020, my designs on products made by the various makers. 

Bohemian Peace Flower of Life iPhone Case by  Webgrrl - Electronika - Zazzle

SOLD!  Groovy Time Aqua Green Purple Wall Clock by Webgrrl via Zazzle ♥ Thank You to C. of New York, USA

Arabesque New Age Holistic Business Card by Webgrrl | onlinecards

SOLD! 100x  Arabesque New Age Holistic Business Cards at Onlinecards via Zazzle ♥ Thank You to Y. of New Jersey, USA

Grunge Guitar Grey/Black & Red Business Card by onlinecards

SOLD! 100x Grunge Guitar Grey/Black & Red Business Card by Onlinecards via Zazzle ♥ Thank You  to T. of Noosa, Qld, Australia

Golden Sun Yoga Reiki Balance Red Business Cards by Webgrrl at onlinecards / zazzle

SOLD! 100x Golden Sun Yoga Reiki Balance Red Business Cards at Onlinecards via Zazzle ♥ Merci, Thank You to W. of France

Family Memories : Make You Own Photo Key Chain by webgrrl

SOLD! Cherry Red Clef Music Sheet Collection Binder via Zazzle ♥ Thank You to K. of Canada

Affirmation Collection Album Binder

SOLD! 2x Vintage Bohemian Spiritual OM Yoga Round Cushion via Zazzle ♥ Thank You to G. of CA, USA

Art Deco black gold geometry throw blanket by Webgrrl

SOLD!  Art Deco Black Gold Throw Blanket via Cafepress ♥ ThankYou to Carole, UK

Fancy Fence Face Mask by Webgrrl @ cafepress

SOLD! Art Deco Black Gold Picture Frame via Cafepress ♥ Thank You to buyer in MN, USA

Art Deco Black Gold 1 Mousepad by Webgrrl

SOLD! ArtDeco Black Gold 1 Mousepad via Cafepress ♥ Thank You to C. of Alabama, USA

FRACTAL-TWINS Sticker by Webgrrl - Redbubble

SOLD! Fractal Twins Sticker via Redbubble ♥ Thank You to buyer in Arizona, USA


SOLD! Liquid Vision Photographic Print via Redbubble ♥ Thank You to buyer in South Carolina, USA

ANKH-LOVE1 Baby Pink Pajamas

SOLD! 1x ANKH-LOVE1 Baby Pink Pajamas via Cafepress ♥ ThankYoU to C. of California, USA

City Tour Tram Christchurch, New Zealand Magnet by webgrrl

SOLD! 7x  Rainbow Hippie Swirl Face Mask by webgrrl via Cafepress ♥ Thank You to various/multiple orders in USA

Geobrights Mandala Face Mask

SOLD! 1x Geobrights Mandala Face Mask at Cafepress ♥ Thank YoU A. of Pennsylvania, USA

Tribal Shaman DMT Black White Face Mask by Webgrrl

SOLD! 2x Tribal Shaman DMT Black White Face Mask via Cafepress ♥ Thank You to buyers in USA

Tribal Fire Pattern Throw Blanket Designed by webgrrl

SOLD! Believe Pink Face Mask via Cafepress ♥ Thank You to buyer in MN, USA

Uzochiza Pink Blue Face Mask

SOLD! Uzochiza Pink Tribal Face Mask via Cafepress ♥ Thank You to buyer in WI, USA

music is my happiness | music theme Comforters by Webgrrl @ society6

SOLD! Indigo Green Forest Fractal Face Mask ♥ Thank You to buyer in TX, USA

A journal where I can express my thanks to buyers who have purchase my designs on things like Invitations, Business Cards, T-Shirts, Posters, Cards, Stickers, Ties, Wall Clocks, Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers and much more.. from my ‘shops’ at Zazzle, Redbubble, Lemon Leaf Prints, Society6, Displate,  and Cafepress. Thank you to everyone for their support – and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did making them. ~Webgrrl