Well here we are at nearly end of another year, and my 30 days of of Happy Words ended up becoming 30 Happy Words. It was a challenge for me during the last few weeks (month), with a stretch of not ‘happy’ days, and then days of busy with work. Practising being authentic, I said to self, that it was OK to evolve this project – into 30 Happy Words. It was more realistic.

Main point is that I (we) didn’t quit, and still want to be making these happy freebies for you. I know i enjoy doing it! So yay! means more freebies coming your way.. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year too!

#30HappyWords  Merry Christmas

I made these desktop wallpaper on the eve of Christmas eve, and I ended up making two, cuz I couldn’t decide. So you get a choice of one or two!

Wishing everyone a safe and love filled holiday time that you wished for!

Right click the link and choose SAVE LINK AS..
or if you click the link it will open up in another tab, and you can click save image as
download as you would normally you would save a graphic file

the plan : two designers will create 30 creative works/designs each, that we can give away  These free downloads are featured at Freebies & Deals, where you will be able download what we have designed for free, as our gift to you! #30happywords