Hello there! You are reading my first ‘ShopTalk’ post here in iShop! This is where I chat with you & update everyone with news of what i have been making ... Click to read it more →

I have been busy as usual, creating new designs of many varieties. I have been creating new products from both new and old designs. Old not as in forgotten, or not wanted – but as in made awhile ago, but had not gotten around to making it into products. And I have a ton of them, so I will be here for a long time yet!

One of the things that has been niggling in my mind, is that I really want to interact, communicate with my visitors, buyers, fans, YOU! I want you to tell me what you like, what events you are planning for, what your favourite colors are at the moment, which color combination do you like at the moment, what is your go to theme when it comes to fancy dress. What would like to see me design next?

So I thought I would start ShopTalk, as regular as my busy self can fit in, but I have a good feeling about it. I will post what I have been making and any new product range that is new. Also share what I am into at the moment, let you in beyond the shopfront — and maybe you can drop me a message and share with me your current favourite trends and ideas!

Till next time,

Stay Creative!


New Designs: Colorful Hippie Bohemian Invitations | Paperstation (Zazzle)

It has been awhile since I made these love heart shape on square invitation cards, so I made this super  bohemian hippie inspired theme with colorful geometric mandala and text. Groovy design for those who want cheerful and happy vibes invites! Check out also these designs in the Circle card version, cuz that also look awesome! I have made sure that everything fits in, and no part of the heart gets cuts off,

New Product: Guestbook or Memorial Book | Alternative Weddings (Zazzle)

These new exciting range came out not that long ago, and I had to make a few to see what these customizable guest book looks like with my unique designs! The guestbook is sized at  8 inches in length by  11 inches wide. It has 61 sheets/122 pages and features laminated front and back hard covers with a glossy finish. The cover is printed on silver halide photo paper.

The inside pages are non-customizable with columns text “Names” and “Message” printed on 70 lb cream colored paper. There is a Vellum lining sheet – front and back, and comes with a  non-customizable protective outer box.

New Product & Designs: High Top Shoes | Webgrrl (Zazzle)

These super cool high top shoes, called the High Top ZIPZ® shoes was launched awhile ago, but I have not had the time to make any funky shoes. What’s different about these footwear (other than that you can fully customize it!) is that it is designed so you can change your look as often as you’d like!

♦ Unisex sizing: 4-13 Men’s | 6-15 Women’s
♦ Material: Durable canvas tops, rubber soles
♦ Buy multiple pairs! ZIPZ® shoes are interchangeable! The top cover can be zipped on and off so you can easily switch up your style on the go