It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, product or post here at iShop. That is because I decided to redesign the website, so that it displayed better, especially for visitors that visit by mobile.


So in that two to nearly three weeks, I was deep in ‘web design’ mode, I had several moments where I just had to go and ‘play’ aka design something. One of those moments when I did take action, I made this ‘Wise Words to Live By” and posted it to my Instagram. Then later when I was back into web design mode, I thought of how I should make it into a free gift for you. here – celebrate the new website look!

♦ Do All Things With Love ♦ Free Printable

♦ Do All Things With Love ♦ Free Printable
♦ Do All Things With Love ♦ Free Printable

Wise words for happy life, “Do all things with Love” typography and floral design 8x8 inch printable (300dpi / PNG). Picture is the design on a mockup (not actual size). I made it that size so that it should fit onto an A4 size paper, so that you can print it out at home or office. 

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