Black White Tribal Weave Headband

Black, white and shades of gray unique design in a tribal empowered energy. Alternative new age artistry for the modern hippie, yoga lifestyle ‘rs and urban hipsters.

  • Micro knit fabric made from 85% ecopoly with 15% spandex
  • Quick Dry & Easy care
  • UV Resistant fabric helps protect your skin from exposure to UV rays
  • Vibrant fade-proof print



Versatile and practical (useful) fashion accessories or yoga headband. Even though it’s called a headband, you can wear it as a scarf or a face warmer or for that bad hair days too! Perfect for  working out,, staying warm, or as a pop of colour to add to any look.

  • Precision cut raw edges
  • Made in Canada
  • also known as:  ♦ hair bands ♦ tube headband

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